Detailed Notes on henna

Presenting Arabic Henna’s chief designer, Shifa Zulfiqar. Shifa began her journey in 2018 motivated by the exquisite patterns of henna artwork and the vibrancy of Arabic culture, specializing in henna in Dubai. Her passion for self-expression and meticulous attention to detail helped her become renowned as one of the best henna artists in Dubai very soon.

Shifa is distinct because she is dedicated to authenticity and quality. She uses only natural chemicals to produce her meticulously created organic henna, which is harmless and bright enough to stain even the most delicate skin. She is a self-learned henna artist and offers henna classes in Dubai. It is understandable why her henna stain is so well-known among her customers. And it makes organic henna mehndi cones in Dubai which she sells at competitive prices.

Driven by her passion for the art, Shifa disseminates her expertise via her Instagram platform, which has grown over the past six years and delivers excellent henna at-home services around the United Arab Emirates.

Every Mehndi Dubai henna stroke designed by Shifa Zulfiqar is a homage click here of culture, beauty, and individuality rather than just an artistic creation. Also that she gives a henna home service in Dubai. Follow her on this captivating path and let Arabic Henna unveil your inner beauty.

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